Tango's Consultancy


Tango’s Consultants is a Civil Engineering, Project and Construction Management consultancy offering a wide range of services in the field of Civil Engineering. Founded in 2002, Tango’s has continued to offer high quality professional expertise, coupled with extensive experience, in all aspects of Designing, Construction supervision and Project Management.

Established to empower young black and historically disadvantaged individuals, the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) accredited company prides itself in its extensively trained staff, who have gained several years of experience in the Civil Engineering field.


The vision of the firm is to improve on the built environment and to promote the concept of sustainable development, by further ensuring that Southern African communities can pursue their course of development, in harmony with the environment. Our passion for growth aspires the firm to utilize the opportunities presented by both BEE in South Africa, and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) strategies, to initiate alliances with other companies in South Africa and the rest of Africa, thus gradually resulting in the establishments transition to a PTY.


Our prime objectives are to:

  • Relentlessly strive against unemployment by harnessing willing human resources in a coherent and purposeful effort, that can be sustained into the future and within the firm’s expert and supporting fields.
  • Willingly provide an enabling environment to develop and encourage individuals possessing the necessary motivation and aspiration, to enhance their skills and career paths.
  • Actively involve willing recipients of our services in the execution of projects, in a way that contributes towards enhancing empowerment and thus assist in the capacity building of recipients in managing their own affairs.
  • Actively strengthen local government and other institutions, in turn, aid in generating sustainable economic development.
  • Possess the exclusive reputation of technical excellence and innovation, as well as quality of service and reliability, through the provision of added value to the recipients of our services.

Core values

  • High degree of Professionalism
  • Quality services
  • Integrity
  • Personal attention to detail
  • Client confidentiality and exceptional customer service