Water and Wastewater

In a world of an increasing population and diminishing resources, the need to both provide clean water and collect and dispose of wastewater in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner is paramount.
Our water portfolio includes the following:

Water and Wastewater Asset Design

Tango’s Consultants provides multidisciplinary design capabilities for water and wastewater treatment plants and associated assets. We advise clients on all functional aspects including water quality, water resources, wastewater treatment and sewerage, sanitation, pumping stations, urban and rural water supplies, water networks, as well as capital maintenance and renewal programmes, water and sewerage network assessment, design and rehabilitation including data acquisition, network modelling, irrigation, dams, reservoirs and hydraulic structures.

Our strong process capability in both clean water and wastewater treatment allows us to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to meet increasing regulatory requirements.

Water and Wastewater Consultancy

Tango’s Consultants provides professional advice to clients across the full range of business activities right from preparing the business case and advising on related issues to designing and implementing the solution and providing on-going support.
We work with our clients in the areas of:

  • Advice on Legislation Compliance including Green Drop and
  • Blue Drop compliance needs
  • Asset Management
  • Programme Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Water and wastewater treatment process audits and optimisation
  • Operation and maintenance planning and implementation support
  • Water demand management.